Who we are

We are organic maple syrup sales representatives based in the beautiful village of St-Ubalde in Canada, which is much appreciated for its gorgeous nature, wild forests and pristine lakes. We are very proud to promote worldwide these exceptional products from our region that are always transformed with care and in respect of the tradition. Our region has been recognised in Canada for its maple syrup quality and production over the past 75 years. More than 300,000 taps are nowadays harvested each year and the species of our maple forests are mainly sugar maples (silver maple) at 90%, and red maples (10%).


Gestion Multi Eco is an environmental-friendly forestry and agricultural company located in St-Ubalde, owner of a maple farm with about 60,000 taps and operating a bottling plant to ensure the quality of the whole process.

Our advantage

Being proudly responsible to commercialise this 100% pure maple syrup, to blend it accordingly to its flavours as well as identify it with its own terroir, we can guarantee you to be provided with the best natural flavours present in our sugar bushes.  Enjoy the maple flavours delights… naturally!